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This is where you start the two-step process of creating a new user account. Here is what you will do:
  • Fill out this form. You will receive a confirmation email immediately, at the address you provide here.
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It's that easy. Why do I require a working email account, and a confirmation? Mainly this is to prevent abuse of the story moderation system. It should at least make it harder for malicious users to create an arbitrary number of accounts and spam the site with stories. Your password will be mailed to this address, so it *must* work!

If you are concerned about privacy, this email does not have to be in any way traceable to you. I will never use the email you provide here for anything else, ever. All it needs to be is working, and accessable to you, at the time the account is created.

Now get started, and we hope you enjoy Libertonia!

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